Friday, April 19, 2013

' Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee ' The Importance Of Being Barrett: Seattle's Beacon Of Hope For Drummers Everywhere

His name is Barrett Martin. He is a drummer, composer, writer and zen artist. But that is just his ' cover'. He just may be a superhero as well!

 It shouldn't surprise anyone that he would be the first drummer I would write about OR that he may be a superhero! When you decide to learn who the people are that create some of your favorite music, you rarely find out that they have a masters in anthropology. From your home state no less. That was the first clue I had that this was one special cat. 

If your not ' hip' to his history, the best resource is WiKi who has a impressively written and detailed account of his musical history, I could do their writers no justice, so I wont even try, and besides the list is too long! Most remembered for his drumming in Skinyard, The Screaming Trees, and Mad Season, he has been in endlessly cool projects that are so diverse, he's gotta have superpowers!
  It could not have been easy for him, losing his band members and friends  Layne and John, as well as Ben from Skinyard. And we will probably never know what he went through during the 90's with alot of the ' fallen ones'. Even the ones that survived, many of his band members have had substance problems and that can be such a toxic environment to work in, I really do applaud him for staying away from all the drugs and drama and continuing his career without skipping a beat. It really is more than one drummer should have to go through, still he has persevered and I do believe this is his year to shine! 

  This summer The Walking Papers, Barrett's latest project with Jefferson Angel, Benjamin Anderson and Duff McKagen, go into their second year, with tour dates here and in Europe and are barely picking up speed, the whole world is indeed watching and loving every moment of it. And with the re- release of Mad Season, I do not see things slowing down for Barrett anytime soon, I also hear he is writing a book, so we are all anxiously awaiting that as well! 

Thank you for being you Barrett and hanging tough like the cool cat that you are! You are a beacon of hope for all of us and a wonderful source of inspiration that I hope rubs off on us all like the heart shaped mark on your drum. 

To check out what Barrett is up to when he's not rocking out with The Barrett Martin Group or with The Walking Papers, and to see upcoming tour dates and buy CD's, go to his website and his Facebook Fan page: Barrett on WiKi Barrett on FB Barrett's website

To hear the awsomness of Barrett....


Don't forget to pick up the CD and also the re released Mad Season! 

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