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Underestimaed From Day One! The Charming and Not So Random Life of Richard Stuverud

    Where do I begin? This is one time I must say I had to actually use my brain and not just type away, even though I have known Richard for over 20 years, we had not seen each other or even spoken in 15 years and I had somehow  missed out on many years of what seems to be a charmed life and some really great music! 

Right now I am listening to Tribe After Tribe and let me tell you I am digging them! 

 In fact, join me! 

* Tribe After Tribe * 
Moving right along, let's take a stroll down memory lane...

Richard's High School band, 1979 

I know, its hard to believe he's old enough to have had a band in the 70's!

Clowning around in High School, his destiny is written clearly in this photograph

                               Now I feel like listening to Elton John for some reason

                                              Think of it as a little soundtrack....

Ballard Jazz Band,  yes Richard is the ham bone on the right lower corner

Alright, alright I'll stop being a sentimental fool! Best loved and known as one of our best drummers in Seattle, he has jammed with the best, The Fastbacks have long been thought of as one of ' the ones that got away ', they are truly loved and respected with or without commercial success, in our books they are some of the good guys...  what a lot of people don't realize is that back then there were so many good bands, everyone hung out and supported each other, but ultimately it was up to the labels, which a lot of them regretted ever getting involved with, but sometimes  that's all there is to do here on rainy days-play music, create and write...especially when you are( most likely )broke, besides it was as good of an excuse as any to stay inside, which is exactly why I am writing right now, of course it is raining!  Hey, it worked for everyone else, so I'm going with it!  

The Fastbacks sometime in the 80's

If your just getting into Seattle music, for one, shame on you! I should not have to tell you who this next band is, who was in the band or the story of War Babies!  The youngin's are forgiven, and so I will just say that despite the great music and the fact that all of these guys are wonderful and talented people, War Babies in my book were bamboozled, like I said it was just the way things were back then, a lot of bands, a lot of competition, everyone was young and green in the music business, and lets just say that bad business decisions were plentiful and these guys took  a hard hit. Time heals though, and a lot of grungy water under the Aurora bridge has washed away the pain and made them realize they had a higher purpose.

War Babies * The late 80's / Early 90's 

Sigh, I think we need a music break

Spirit, talent, good looks, and a ton of Aqua Net... they had it all. Seattle's War Babies 

In 1994, 3 Fish was formed by Pearl Jams Jeff Ament, Richard, and Tribe After Tribes Robbi Robb

Hey I'm no psychologist, but I think the song speaks for itself.....

Everyone needs some time to be alone, some solitude... besides this was also the year that we all got tricked into listening to Dave Matthews...I like it though, but my opinion is slightly bias!

Richard in the studio with Tribe After Tribe

Working with Jeff again, and this time with King X singer dUg Pinneck, ( no that's no a typo ) in the band Tres Mts. , the band toured and played some historic shows.

Photo by Mike Savoia

Here they are live and with Mike McCready, this is an epic video of Richard playing, and a great cover of Jimi Hendrix's ' Let me stand next to your fire ' 

Tribe After Tribe is I think the favorite so far of all the stuff of Richard's that I somehow missed, here they are in 1993 I believe. * from the Tribe After Tribe website:   " knocks me out" atmospherics that will make your stereo a pagan ritual " Playboy Magazine " a tribal rock vein, with melodic guitars mixed with chanting and hypnotizing drums" Billboard Magazine . I couldn't agree more, Robbi Rob has a pretty cool blog as well, link at the bottom of this page * Here is one more song from Tribe After Tribe 


                                                              Tribe After Tribe

Richard with Tribe After Tribe in 2008 Lott Festival 

And here we are 20 plus years later, is it random that he is in another band with Jeff? Is it random that I am writing this? Hell no! We are all bonded for life in the love that we share for the same music and philosophy that there is no stopping the music, life must go on and the show must go on!  I could write- and I believe I will write about RNDM,  and of course we will be updating you on any future projects ( there are bound to be a few we hope! ) for today I just wanted to give my old buddy ( who looks about 10 years younger than me, little brat! ) A cyber 5 high from his cosmic soul sister and a permanent star on the Xanaland walk of fame, he deserves it!

So we end this gloriously random rainy day with a little RNDM, be sure to check out tour dates on the RNDM website link below and BUY this CD! 

Random photo of RNDM

Joseph Arthur, Richard Stuverud and Jeff Ament 

as you can see his life has  gotten more and more charming as the years have passed! 
Bravo RNDM! Bravo Richard! 

* When Richard is not being an amazing drummer he is busy being an amazing dad, and is actively involved in his sons school where he supports music and art activities. 

Robbi Robb's site and blog:

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