Friday, September 20, 2013

Why Dave Grohl Is Probably Jesus

How do we love Dave Grohl? Let us count the ways! All joking aside, it was hard to decide what blog to write about him in. Let's see, drummer for Nirvana, drummer for Them Crooked Vultures, guitar player and singer for the Foo Fighters, and least not forget his new documentary Sound City..for sale right here on Xanaland on our movie blog. 

Dave has always been one of my favorite musicians. In meeting Nirvana in the 80's I found Kurt to be a whiney little jerk. Sorry, but I had several bad experiences with him, one where he was taunting my now dead fiancee Andy Wood, telling him he had heroin, For that incident, he ended up against the wall of Dick's on Broadway with my hands on his throat. You get the picture. Even if he had been famous then, he would have ended up getting his ass kicked by yours truly. 

But Dave on the other hand, if anything always looked worried and miserable like me. Maybe it's because he's a Capricorn like me. What can I say, were nervous Nellie's and worry worts. But can you blame us in this situation? They are both dead. I just hope Kurt's less of a chode in the afterlife and that their in some other heavenly dimension writing wonderful music together. Shouldn't be too hard, since Courtney's still here! 

Sorry Earthlings, were stuck with her. But you can always
buy one of our Love Pinata's, you can finally say " I'd hit that "
and not be ashamed! 

When Dave started the Foo Fighters, I think everyone was surprised that he could sing as well as he could or even play guitar for that matter. A lot of singers/guitar players can keep a beat on the drums, but who knew he was an all round awsome musician?! 

Let's have a listen to some classic Foo....

Then there's the work he's done with Queens of the Stone Age, personally I loved the Crooked Vultures project, also featuring Josh Homme, here's my favorite song off that album, it always reminded me of the band Morophine, and the new QOTSA ' Like Clockwork ' definitely has some similar sounding songs....

Dave playing with Them Crooked Vultures

 Dave played on with QOTSA is Songs for the Deaf, here is a song from that album, are you starting to see how he just may not be one of us regular ol' humans? 

I think it's safe to say true love has been found! 

Dave + Josh = great music, forever! 

Now what about the new QOTSA you ask? Yup, he's on that too! I heard they had some funny moments with Elton John, who was getting frustrated with the complex parts to the song he played piano on, here is one of the songs Dave played on: 

A phenomenal album for sure, I've been listening to it all summer! 

Now, let's talk about Dave, the comedian. It's no secret he's great friends with Jack Black, appearing in this hilarious video for their last album, if you haven't seen the other videos for this album, like " Rise of the Phoenix " and " The Roadie " I strongly suggest you do, they are epic and they are some of the funniest videos combined with good music...fact, not opinion. 

Then of course there's this classic video of Dave playing Tiny Dancer...

And another must see, this epic performance with will Farrell

Still not convinced? Well maybe you have not seen this amazing documentary, like I said it's for sale right here on our movie blog,. but if your dirt poor like most artist and musicians, here you go, the link won't upload but click on it here to watch the entire Sound City Documentary: 

Also in case you missed it, this performance at The White House was really cool, one of my favorite Paul McCartney songs too! 

Speaking of Paul McCartney, if all that is not enough, this year we got treated to an epic Paul McCartney show here in Seattle with Paul playing a few songs with Seattle's Nirvana

They originally blew everyone away with this original they wrote and performed live at Madison Square Garden and aired on TV , and then on's pretty darn cute! 

Still not convinced? Well then tell me, when was the last time you saw Jesus and Dave Grohl at the same time? Yup, that's what I thought! 

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